Breeding Fund Adopts New Rules

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Press Release

In a public meeting subject to the Open Meetings Law, the Board of Directors of the New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund on October 29, 2020 adopted new rules concerning the residency requirements for dams of New York-bred foals, including certain mares that were purchased at public auction on or after November 1, 2019.  It is anticipated that these new rules will become final upon publication in the State Register of New York on or about November 18, 2020, and shall have retroactive effect with regard to eligible mares purchased at public auction sales occurring on or after November 1, 2019.

The new rules establish definitions for resident mares and non-resident mares and set forth program eligibility requirements for their foals. Under the new rules, a resident mare would be a mare that is continuously in residence in New York State from date of conception in New York State or within 120 days after her last cover in the year of conception occurring outside of New York State and that remains in the State until foaling the following year, with no breed-back required. Mares that maintain their New York State resident status can be covered each season by a stallion located anywhere in the world.

A non-resident mare would be a mare that does not qualify as a resident mare.  However, under the new rules, a non-resident mare that is purchased in foal through public auction will be deemed to be a resident mare for all purposes if all of the following conditions are satisfied: (1) the mare is purchased for at least $50,000 in the public auction, (2) the mare is present in New York State within 15 days after the sale is concluded, (3) the foal from public auction mare is foaled in New York State and (4) the mare thereafter is continuously in residence in New York State from within 120 days after her last cover in the year of conception of another foal and remains in residency until foaling.

Breeding Fund Chairman John Poklemba noted “These changes will bring the New York Thoroughbred Breeding Program more in line with other states by removing perceived barriers to mares locating here. Also, by allowing high-priced mares to establish residency by moving to NY after they are purchased at auction, we expect to see even more quality NY-breds following in the hoof-prints of GI winners such as Tiz the Law and Simply Ravishing.”  Breeding Fund Executive Director Tracy Egan said “the Board can review the threshold price annually at its summer meeting and adjust it up or down as needed to recruit quality mares.”

There is an incentive to purchase NY-sired NY-breds pegged to these rule changes. One year after adoption the Fund and NYRA will begin providing up to $650,000.00 a year in purse bonuses to owners. The bonus will be $5,000.00 every time the NY-sired NY-bred wins at the Maiden Special Weight or higher condition at NYRA’s tracks.

While the measure adopted by the Breeding Fund’s Board states that it starts in November of 2019, in practice the new rules would become effective starting with the mixed sales in November 2020 and the foal and breeding seasons of 2021.

For a complete description of these newly adopted rules, click here.

For more information contact: Tracy Egan, Executive Director NYTBDF  Phone: 1-518-388-0174.  Email:

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