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July 2019
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  FinishRaceTrackDistance PurseRace Condition

Algorix2nd2ndPEN 1 Mile 70 Yards $10,000CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Torres Jomar
 BMSire: Dixie Union Owner: Run Fast and Win Stable, LLC
CHARTSire: Algorithms Dam: Dixie Lyrics
 Breeder: Eaton & Thorne, Inc

Bareeqa3rd9thGP 1 1/16 Miles $125,000SST 3UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Gargan Danny Jockey: Lezcano Jose Claiming Crown Tiara S.
 BMSire: Woodman Owner: Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc.
CHARTSire: Girolamo Dam: Arabic Dancer
 Breeder: Sequel Thoroughbreds LLC, Lakland Farm & Hidden Lake Farm, LLC

Bonita Springs10th5thTP 1 Mile $16,500CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Candelas Blanca Jockey: De La Cruz Fernando
 BMSire: Rahy Owner: Candelas, Blanca, Candelas, Jovany and Lawson, Rachael
CHARTSire: Spring At Last Dam: Rahy's Colors
 Breeder: Empire Equines, LLC

Button Candy7th8thPEN 1 Mile $11,800MCL 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Geist David W. Jockey: Rojas Jose F.
 BMSire: Smoke Glacken Owner: Geist David W.
CHARTSire: Sidney's Candy Dam: Vivant
 Breeder: Two Tone Farms

Carry Your Heels1st2ndPRX 5 1/2 Furlongs $20,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Hernandez Jann N.
 BMSire: Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Owner: Lawrence Racing Stable
CHARTSire: Freud Dam: Destiny Rose
 Breeder: Cheryl A. Prudhomme & Michael T. Gallivan

Champagne Chills4th1stTP 6 Furlongs $9,000MCL 3U
3G NYTrainer: Young Tracey Jockey: Prescott Rodney A.
 BMSire: Tale of the Cat Owner: Aspire Stables
CHARTSire: Sidney's Candy Dam: Tale of a Dream
 Breeder: RF HF Mares Rule lll LLC

Cleon Jones7th9thAQU 1 1/8 Miles $250,000STK 02
2C NYTrainer: Englehart Jeremiah C. Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad Remsen S. (3)
 BMSire: Quiet American Owner: Gold Square LLC
CHARTSire: Tale of the Cat Dam: Whispering
 Breeder: Empire Equines, LLC

Codrington9th9thGP 1 1/16 Miles $125,000SST 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Maker Michael J. Jockey: Rendon Jairo Claiming Crown Tiara S.
 BMSire: Fappie's Notebook Owner: Wycoff Jordan V.
CHARTSire: Courageous Cat Dam: Notacharlie'sangel
 Breeder: Charles Engel

Courageous2nd3rdTUP 1 Mile $14,000ALW 3U
3G NYTrainer: Hop Michael D. Jockey: Hernandez Israel
 BMSire: City Zip Owner: Kling, Hedy and Hop, Michael D.
CHARTSire: Courageous Cat Dam: Dyna Vision
 Breeder: Barry R. Ostrager

Courtly Kitty5th6thCT 1 1/16 Miles $14,500CLM 3U
5M NYTrainer: Campbell Marshall T. Jockey: Latchman Reshawn
 BMSire: Forest Wildcat Owner: Smeltzer Naomi
CHARTSire: Court Vision Dam: Nice Kitty Kitty
 Breeder: John T Behrendt & Charles Marquis

Critical Value4th8thAQU 1 1/8 Miles $250,000STK 02F
2F NYTrainer: Englehart Jeremiah C. Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad Demoiselle S. (2)
 BMSire: Forestry Owner: Ten Strike Racing
CHARTSire: Bodemeister Dam: See the Forest
 Breeder: Marshall K Gramm & Clay Sanders

De Kooning9th6thTAM 1 1/16 Miles $22,000MSW 02
2G NYTrainer: Lerman Roy S. Jockey: Marin Augusto A.
 BMSire: Tale of the Cat Owner: Lambholm Stable
CHARTSire: Tonalist Dam: Scott's Aly Cat
 Breeder: Lambholm

Espresso Shot6th6thAQU 1 Mile $250,000STK 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Abreu Jorge R. Jockey: Franco Manuel Go for Wand H. (3)
 BMSire: Medaglia d'Oro Owner: NY Final Furlong Racing Stable, Maspeth Stables and Parkland Thoroughbreds
CHARTSire: Mission Impazible Dam: Glory Gold
 Breeder: Twin Creeks Farm

Expensive Style3rd5thTAM 6 Furlongs $27,000MSW 02
2C NYTrainer: Arriagada Juan Jockey: Quinonez Alonso
 BMSire: Da Stoops Owner: Arriagada Juan
CHARTSire: Posse Dam: M S C Jet
 Breeder: Bob Miller & Maryann Miller

Fire Key4th4thAQU 6 Furlongs $125,000STK 3UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Ryerson James T. Jockey: Ortiz Jose L. Autumn Days S.
 BMSire: Albert the Great Owner: Backwards Stable
CHARTSire: Friesan Fire Dam: U R Key
 Breeder: Backwards Stable

Gipsey Sorceress4th2ndTAM 6 1/2 Furlongs $13,200MCL 02F
2F NYTrainer: Westlye Kenneth Jockey: Martinez Erasmo
 BMSire: Suave Owner: Jimenez Valentin
CHARTSire: Mission Impazible Dam: Gleaming Lady
 Breeder: Stone Bridge Farm, LLC

I Likem1st6thTP 1 Mile $14,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Shetron Phyllis Jockey: Ramos Joseph D.
 BMSire: Strategic Mission Owner: Shetron Phyllis
CHARTSire: Courageous Cat Dam: Strategic Missile
 Breeder: Kathleen M. Feron & Chasemedaly Farm

I'm a Ginger3rd6thWO 5 1/2 Furlongs $40,000MOC 02F
2F NYTrainer: Gonzalez Nicholas Jockey: Moran David
 BMSire: Milwaukee Brew Owner: Coll, Michael A. and Gonzalez, Martha K.
CHARTSire: Danza Dam: Wings of a Dove
 Breeder: Milfer Farm Inc.

Jc's Shooting Star5th4thAQU 6 Furlongs $125,000STK 3UF&M
7M NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Franco Manuel Autumn Days S.
 BMSire: Quiet American Owner: Shooting Star Stable LLC
CHARTSire: Miracle Man Dam: American Passage
 Breeder: Miracle Man Racing Partners LLC

Mentality7th4thAQU 6 Furlongs $125,000STK 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Ward Wesley A. Jockey: Davis Dylan Autumn Days S.
 BMSire: Lemon Drop Kid Owner: Lindy Farms
CHARTSire: Freud Dam: Lemon Drop's Love
 Breeder: Joemar Racing Stables, LLC

New York's Finest5th7thGP 5 Furlongs $110,000SST 3U
5G NYTrainer: Sweezey J. Kent Jockey: Ferrer Jose C. Claiming Crown Canterbury S.
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Fano Racing and Sweezey, J. Kent
CHARTSire: City Zip Dam: Is It Safe
 Breeder: TIC Racing Stable

Newly Acquired8th3rdFG About 1 Mile $17,000MCL 02
2G NYTrainer: Camejo Jose M. Jockey: Doyle Sophie
 BMSire: Tactical Cat Owner: P and D Racing
CHARTSire: Liaison Dam: Acquired Cat
 Breeder: David W Kamp & Patricia S Purdy

Opus Equus3rd8thLRC 6 Furlongs $40,000MSW 02
2C NYTrainer: Desormeaux J. Keith Jockey: Meche Donnie J.
 BMSire: Indian Charlie Owner: Calumet Farm
CHARTSire: Take Charge Indy Dam: Squaw Valley
 Breeder: Joan Wilmarth & Anthony Grey LLC

Our Super Nova3rd6thAQU 1 Mile $250,000STK 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Baker Charlton Jockey: Alvarado Junior Go for Wand H. (3)
 BMSire: Crimson Guard Owner: Foster, Michael S., Baker, Charlton and Linn, Lauren
CHARTSire: Boys At Tosconova Dam: White Wedding Day
 Breeder: Tracy Egan

Pat On the Back10th10thAQU 1 Mile $750,000STK 3U
5H NYTrainer: Englehart Jeremiah C. Jockey: Davis Dylan Cigar Mile H. (1)
 BMSire: Awesome Again Owner: Harold Lerner LLC, AWC Stables and Nehoc Stables
CHARTSire: Congrats Dam: Accomplished
 Breeder: Sugar Maple Farm

Queen Courage4th1stPEN 1 Mile 70 Yards $16,200STR 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Kreiser Timothy C. Jockey: Gonzalez Edwin
 BMSire: Summer Squall Owner: Khalaf Wadie F.
CHARTSire: Courageous Cat Dam: Head for the Shed
 Breeder: W. S. Farish

Reyana Reya Dreams8th8thPEN 1 Mile $11,800MCL 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Martinez Joey Jockey: Cora David
 BMSire: Signal Tap Owner: Persaud Randi
CHARTSire: Yes It's True Dam: Perfect Energy
 Breeder: Crossed Sabres Farm

Rose of Dublin2nd1stPRX 6 1/2 Furlongs $20,500CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Diaz Jorge Jockey: Lopez Erick
 BMSire: Claramount Owner: 3 Amigos 3 Stables
CHARTSire: Dublin Dam: Ms. Emma
 Breeder: Wachtel Stable

Same Kinda Crazy5th5thGP 5 Furlongs $110,000SST 3UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Ramirez Luis M. Jockey: Prado Edgar S. Claiming Crown Distaff Dash S.
 BMSire: Polish Numbers Owner: Dubb, Michael and O'Neil, Paul M.
CHARTSire: Posse Dam: New Britski
 Breeder: Michael Schrader

Saratoga Treasure1st4thAQU 6 Furlongs $125,000STK 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Cancel Eric Autumn Days S.
 BMSire: Sky Mesa Owner: Generazio Patricia A.
CHARTSire: Treasure Beach (GB) Dam: Sky Gazer
 Breeder: Patricia Generazio

Shes Euphoric4th4thTAM 1 Mile $15,200MCL 02F
2F NYTrainer: Gaffney Hubert Jockey: Garcia Jose Angel
 BMSire: Maria's Mon Owner: Gaffney Hubert
CHARTSire: Micromanage Dam: Tazmon
 Breeder: Christopher Shelli

Shipthegrip9th2ndPEN 1 Mile 70 Yards $10,000CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: Geist David W. Jockey: Cora David
 BMSire: Silver Deputy Owner: Geist David W.
CHARTSire: Mission Impazible Dam: Prior Park
 Breeder: Mark Toothaker

Sounds Good2nd4thPEN 1 Mile $15,400CLM 3U
3G NYTrainer: Fields Kevin J. Jockey: Corujo Wilfredo
 BMSire: More Than Ready Owner: Kramer David
CHARTSire: Exchange Rate Dam: Iron Goddess
 Breeder: Stonewall Farm

Spender3rd5thTP 1 Mile $16,500CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Bahena Fernando Jockey: Mojica Orlando
 BMSire: Hennessy Owner: Bahena Fernando
CHARTSire: Super Saver Dam: Broadway Hennessey
 Breeder: SF Bloodstock LLC

Spin Cycle12th8thGP 1 1/16 Miles $110,000SST 3U
6G NYTrainer: Sweezey J. Kent Jockey: Juarez Nik Claiming Crown Iron Horse S.
 BMSire: Fusaichi Pegasus Owner: Morton Tobey L.
CHARTSire: Hard Spun Dam: Submerge
 Breeder: Chester Broman & Mary R. Broman

Straphanger6th9thCT 6 1/2 Furlongs $12,000CLM 3U
3G NYTrainer: Geris, Jr. Samuel J. Jockey: Simpson Jason
 BMSire: D'wildcat Owner: Geris, Jr. Samuel J.
CHARTSire: Paynter Dam: D'wild Ride
 Breeder: SF Racing Group Inc

Threatlovesmidnite4th4thPRX 1 Mile $27,000CLM 3U
3G NYTrainer: Wyner Harold Jockey: Silvera Ruben
 BMSire: First Samurai Owner: Just In Time Racing LLC
CHARTSire: Mission Impazible Dam: Firsttotheline
 Breeder: JJ Pletcher & Todd Pletcher

Toohottoevenspeak8th3rdAQU 7 Furlongs $40,000CLM 3U
8G NYTrainer: Tournas Peter Jockey: Camacho, Jr. Samuel
 BMSire: Unusual Heat Owner: Tournas Peter
CHARTSire: Stonesider Dam: Cayerless and Hot
 Breeder: Seth Morris

Vip Nation11th9thGP 1 1/16 Miles $125,000SST 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Levine Bruce N. Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick Claiming Crown Tiara S.
 BMSire: Sweetsouthernsaint Owner: Flying P Stable
CHARTSire: Paynter Dam: Sweet N Sour Nina
 Breeder: J D Stuart, P C Bance & A R Enterprises, Inc.