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March 2019
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  FinishRaceTrackDistance PurseRace Condition

Amanda Lane9th5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Barker Edward R. Jockey: Davis Dylan
 BMSire: Notebook Owner: Stonegate Racing Stables
CHARTSire: Into Mischief Dam: R Obsession
 Breeder: Anjes Farm

Andronikos8th4thAP 1 Mile $14,000CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: De La Cerda Armando Jockey: Perez Edgar
 BMSire: Trust N Luck Owner: Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc.
CHARTSire: Justenuffhumor Dam: Nobody But Me
 Breeder: Blue Devil Racing, LLC

Badaboom2nd9thMNR 5 Furlongs $6,800CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: Juarez Lorenzo Jockey: Gonzalez Alex
 BMSire: Unaccounted For Owner: Vlaun Manuel
CHARTSire: Justin Phillip Dam: Latori
 Breeder: Lansdowne Thoroughbreds

Big Band Benny1st6thFE 5 Furlongs $9,000CLM 3U
6G NYTrainer: Jolin Chris Jockey: Vanek Helen Marie
 BMSire: E Dubai Owner: Ouellette Leah Ann
CHARTSire: Here Comes Ben Dam: E. Queen
 Breeder: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC

Blue Pigeon6th5thMTH 1 1/16 Miles $47,500ALW 3U
8G NYTrainer: Thompson Garry L. Jockey: Kay Winston R.
 BMSire: Langfuhr Owner: WEJ Racing Stables LLC and Crosbourne, Nwamantibyane
CHARTSire: Mizzen Mast Dam: Gdansking Queen
 Breeder: TIC Racing Stable

Bunyan's Axe2nd1stGP About 7 1/2 Furlongs $19,000MCL 3U
4G NYTrainer: Falcone, Jr. Robert N. Jockey: Gutierrez Reylu
 BMSire: Desert Warrior Owner: Dare To Dream Stable LLC (Michael Faber)
CHARTSire: The Lumber Guy Dam: Deserts Edge
 Breeder: Emily Wyckoff

Caleb the Boss3rd3rdMTH 6 Furlongs $21,000MCL 3U
5G NYTrainer: Persaud Randi Jockey: Mejia Tomas B.
 BMSire: Roaring Fever Owner: Hernandez Marcus
CHARTSire: El Corredor Dam: Roaring Aly
 Breeder: Carl Pappalardo & Tina Pappalardo

Carry Your Heels1st4thMTH 5 1/2 Furlongs $21,950CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Hernandez Harry
 BMSire: Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Owner: Lawrence Racing Stable
CHARTSire: Freud Dam: Destiny Rose
 Breeder: Cheryl A. Prudhomme & Michael T. Gallivan

Cheatham Hill2nd4thSAR 6 Furlongs $60,000CLM 03F
3F NYTrainer: Servis Jason Jockey: Lezcano Jose
 BMSire: Sweetsouthernsaint Owner: Kennesaw Mountain Racing, LLC
CHARTSire: Bellamy Road Dam: Sweet N Sour Nina
 Breeder: J D Stuart, P C Bance & A R Enterprises, Inc.

Conforto6th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
4G NYTrainer: Hills Timothy A. Jockey: Castellano Javier
 BMSire: Tribal Rule Owner: Tee N Jay Stable
CHARTSire: Simmard Dam: Heleonor Rugby
 Breeder: Dormellito Stud

Cross Border1st7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
5R NYTrainer: Maker Michael J. Jockey: Saez Luis
 BMSire: Empire Maker Owner: Three Diamonds Farm
CHARTSire: English Channel Dam: Empress Josephine
 Breeder: Berkshire Stud & B. D. Gibbs

Da King and I6th3rdMTH 6 Furlongs $21,000MCL 3U
4G NYTrainer: Follett Norman C. Jockey: Carmona Kevin
 BMSire: General Meeting Owner: King Clarence B.
CHARTSire: Bob and John Dam: New Meaning
 Breeder: Barry R. Ostrager

El Hermano8th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Mott William I. Jockey: Alvarado Junior
 BMSire: Out of Place Owner: Equivine Farm
CHARTSire: El Padrino Dam: Monkton Miss
 Breeder: Equivine Farm

Farris5th2ndPID 1 Mile 70 Yards $30,000MSW 3U
3G NYTrainer: LeCesse Michael A. Jockey: Alencar Walber
 BMSire: Mizzen Mast Owner: LeCesse Michael A.
CHARTSire: Tizway Dam: Spooky Mirage
 Breeder: Michael LeCesse & Mirage Ranch

First Appeal2nd5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Cox Brad H. Jockey: Castellano Javier
 BMSire: Thunder Gulch Owner: Corrente Louis
CHARTSire: First Defence Dam: Regal Approach
 Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. Bertram R. Firestone

Flabbergast7th6thMTH 5 1/2 Furlongs $47,625MSW 02
2G NYTrainer: Cash Russell J. Jockey: Panaijo Jorge
 BMSire: Private Interview Owner: Ocean View Stables
CHARTSire: Giant Surprise Dam: Terrific Interview
 Breeder: Joseph G. Birnbaum

Fleet Admiral11th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
5G NYTrainer: O'Brien Leo Jockey: Landeros Chris
 BMSire: Forestry Owner: Downey, Gary and Beige, Lisa
CHARTSire: Colonel John Dam: Double Dinghy Day
 Breeder: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC

Fotis4th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Jones Eduardo E. Jockey: Hernandez Benjamin
 BMSire: King Cugat Owner: Sakatis Sotirios
CHARTSire: Willcox Inn Dam: Papous Mia Bella
 Breeder: Nicholas Panopoulos

Frio4th8thGP About 7 1/2 Furlongs $36,000MCL 02
2G NYTrainer: Spatz Ronald B. Jockey: Vasquez Miguel Angel
 BMSire: Aristotle Owner: Monarch Stables, Inc.
CHARTSire: Frost Giant Dam: L D's Galaxy
 Breeder: Indigo Farm, Inc.

Frosty Kitten6th8thPID 5 Furlongs $10,500MCL 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Cobb Amber Jockey: Garcia Geovany
 BMSire: Kitten's Joy Owner: Ford Tracie
CHARTSire: Frost Giant Dam: Pat's Kitten
 Breeder: Golden Goose Enterprises, LLC

Ginger and Jingle1st3rdMTH 6 Furlongs $21,000MCL 3U
3G NYTrainer: Linder, Jr. Louis C. Jockey: Juarez Nik
 BMSire: Personal Flag Owner: Bran Jam Stable and Clark, David W.
CHARTSire: Here Comes Ben Dam: With Impunity
 Breeder: Dr. Carl Juul-Nielsen DVM & McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds

Giro Kate4th1stELP 6 1/2 Furlongs $20,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Foster Eric N. Jockey: Graham James
 BMSire: Street Sense Owner: Foster Family Racing and Reynolds, Lonnie
CHARTSire: Girolamo Dam: Gwithian
 Breeder: Clark O. Brewster

Graded On a Curve5th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Brown Chad C. Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad
 BMSire: Street Cry (IRE) Owner: Klaravich Stables, Inc.
CHARTSire: Noble Mission (GB) Dam: Sarah's Pleasure
 Breeder: Larry Goichman

High Jingo1st5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Servis Jason Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad
 BMSire: Real Quiet Owner: Quigley Robert J.
CHARTSire: Shackleford Dam: Karakorum Karen
 Breeder: Danzel Brendenmuel

I Miss My Father2nd3rdMNR 1 Mile $10,000CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: Bernardini Jay P. Jockey: Quinones Luis M.
 BMSire: Meadowlake Owner: Bernardini Jay P.
CHARTSire: Dublin Dam: Lady Manolo
 Breeder: Stone Bridge Farm, LLC

Irish Valor7th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
4G NYTrainer: Ferraro M. Anthony Jockey: Ortiz Jose L.
 BMSire: Skip Away Owner: Ferraro, M. Anthony and Wells, Elliot S.
CHARTSire: Dublin Dam: Patel
 Breeder: Joe Thomson

King Dublin4th1stMTH 5 1/2 Furlongs $22,400CLM 3U
6G NYTrainer: Riviezzo Ralph R. Jockey: Rivera Luis D.
 BMSire: Suave Owner: Aguilar-Juarez James
CHARTSire: Dublin Dam: Gleaming Lady
 Breeder: Stone Bridge Farm, LLC

Knight Tales5th13thMTH 6 Furlongs $30,000MCL 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Hogan William J Jockey: Gonzalez Jorge Luis
 BMSire: Trippi Owner: Miller Ken W.
CHARTSire: Forty Tales Dam: Knight Tripp
 Breeder: Gulf Haven Farms, LLC

Lapulga5th3rdGP 1 Mile $19,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Burns Patty A. Jockey: Meneses Marcos
 BMSire: Dixie Union Owner: Ferrusquia Jesus
CHARTSire: Dublin Dam: Dry Heat
 Breeder: Spendthrift Farm LLC

Laura's Patriot1st7thMTH 1 1/16 Miles $21,050CLM 3UF&M
7M NYTrainer: Toscano, Jr. John T. Jockey: Diaz, Jr. Hector Rafael
 BMSire: Jules Owner: Drawing Away Stable
CHARTSire: Patriot Act Dam: Laura's Jewel
 Breeder: C. Robert Valeri

Lutsky6th10thMTH 6 Furlongs $76,500STK 03
3C NYTrainer: Navarro Jorge Jockey: DeCarlo Christopher P. Jersey Shore S.
 BMSire: Forestry Owner: Down Neck Stables and Lutsky, Jeffrey
CHARTSire: Yes It's True Dam: Reen
 Breeder: Pine Ridge Stables LTD

Mama Mary7th5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Sharp Joe Jockey: Saez Luis
 BMSire: Jolie's Halo Owner: Grady Brad
CHARTSire: Bodemeister Dam: Jessica's Halo
 Breeder: Joseph DiRico

Merlins Muse6th5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Danehill Dancer (IRE) Owner: W and T Thoroughbred Holdings
CHARTSire: Cape Blanco (IRE) Dam: Davanti (IRE)
 Breeder: W & T Thoroughbred Holdings LLC

Mo Maverick5th2ndSAR 1 1/8 Miles $75,000STR 4U
5G NYTrainer: Cannizzo David A. Jockey: Saez Luis
 BMSire: Lemon Drop Kid Owner: Ivery Sisters Racing
CHARTSire: Uncle Mo Dam: Lemon Splendor
 Breeder: Gentry Stable

Morrison2nd5thMTH 1 1/16 Miles $47,500ALW 3U
4C NYTrainer: Sharp Joe Jockey: Ferrer Jose C.
 BMSire: Menifee Owner: Newport Stables LLC, Braverman, Paul and Parkland Thoroughbreds
CHARTSire: The Factor Dam: Liza Lu
 Breeder: Golden Goose Enterprise

Nolinski8th8thMTH 6 Furlongs $23,850CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: Maymo Alejandro Jockey: Hernandez Harry
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Kazdan Alex
CHARTSire: Bob and John Dam: Mrs. Ripley
 Breeder: Southfield Farm

Not So Quiet Man10th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
6G NYTrainer: Ryan Derek S. Jockey: Bravo Joe
 BMSire: Silver Ghost Owner: Benson Liam F.
CHARTSire: Freud Dam: Quiet Julia
 Breeder: J. P. Delaney

Opt2nd7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Ribaudo Robert Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Miesque's Son Owner: Keller Marc
CHARTSire: Will Take Charge Dam: Grandmas' Girl
 Breeder: Fred W. Hertrich III & John D. Fielding

Pegasus Red6th8thMTH 6 Furlongs $23,850CLM 3U
9G NYTrainer: Gallimore Trevor Jockey: Torres Wesley
 BMSire: Dr. Carter Owner: Candy's Racing Stable
CHARTSire: Fusaichi Pegasus Dam: Raise a Carter
 Breeder: Thomas Dushas

Peppermint6th3rdHST 6 Furlongs $25,000MSW 02F
2F NYTrainer: Condilenios Dino K. Jockey: Marti Alexander
 BMSire: Mizzen Mast Owner: Swift Thoroughbreds, Inc.
CHARTSire: Palace Dam: Miz Penelope
 Breeder: Leonard Pineau & Patricia Pineau

Proudmiamicitizen5th12thMTH 6 Furlongs $21,450CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: Christman Kimberly Jockey: Castillo David
 BMSire: Cozzene Owner: Evans, Cecilia and Christman, Kimberly
CHARTSire: Proud Citizen Dam: Pammie From Miami
 Breeder: Christopher Elser

Queendom6th4thSAR 6 Furlongs $60,000CLM 03F
3F NYTrainer: Martin Carlos F. Jockey: Cancel Eric
 BMSire: Hear No Evil Owner: Laderer, Amanda, Morongello, Paul, Fox, Martin, Gonzalez, Mark and Hirsch, Jonathan
CHARTSire: Freedom Child Dam: Evil Queen
 Breeder: St. Elias Stable LLC

Rapid Route4th3rdLRL 6 Furlongs $18,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Parram Derrick A. Jockey: Trotman Keimar
 BMSire: Tiznow Owner: Parram Derrick A.
CHARTSire: Fast Bullet Dam: Tiz Missouri
 Breeder: Michael B. Brown & Danielle Stott

Risp5th1stSAR 1 1/8 Miles $90,000MSW 3U
3C NYTrainer: Bush Thomas M. Jockey: Rosario Joel
 BMSire: Five Star Day Owner: Sullimar Stable
CHARTSire: Violence Dam: Five Star Momma
 Breeder: SF Bloodstock LLC

Rucia Mora9th12thGP 7 Furlongs $21,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Amaya Gustavo Jockey: Rios Jesus M.
 BMSire: Thunder Gulch Owner: Keld LLC
CHARTSire: Paddy O'Prado Dam: Kidder Done
 Breeder: C. Kidder, N. Cole & B. Kidder

Sadie Lady5th5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
3F NYTrainer: Delacour Arnaud Jockey: Rosario Joel
 BMSire: Read the Footnotes Owner: Narlinger Dennis
CHARTSire: Freud Dam: Zucca
 Breeder: JMJ Racing Stables, LLC

Sam'n Cat2nd3rdFE 6 Furlongs $9,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Wills Daniel Jockey: Pinto Melanie
 BMSire: Unbridled's Song Owner: Smith James J.
CHARTSire: Tale of the Cat Dam: Samsational
 Breeder: Newtown Anner Stud

Saratoga Treasure4th5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Velazquez John R.
 BMSire: Sky Mesa Owner: Generazio Patricia A.
CHARTSire: Treasure Beach (GB) Dam: Sky Gazer
 Breeder: Patricia Generazio

Scocciatore1st5thWO 7 Furlongs $71,000MSW 02
2G NYTrainer: Biamonte Ralph J. Jockey: Salles Leo
 BMSire: Alphabet Soup Owner: DeMizio, C. and Biamonte, Mary E.
CHARTSire: Central Banker Dam: Our Miss Jones
 Breeder: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC

Southern King3rd7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Pletcher Todd A. Jockey: Rosario Joel
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Barber, Gary
CHARTSire: Animal Kingdom Dam: Southern Truth
 Breeder: Eaton & Thorne, Inc

Status Asthmaticus6th11thMTH 5 1/2 Furlongs $25,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Captan Bassam Jockey: Castillo Isaac
 BMSire: Silver Train Owner: Captan Bassam
CHARTSire: Heavy Breathing Dam: Pylortes
 Breeder: Sunrise Stables & Golden Goose Enterprises

Stonefactor3rd5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Martin Carlos F. Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick
 BMSire: Dynaformer Owner: Sugar Maple Farm and Rapaport, H. Lewis
CHARTSire: The Factor Dam: Miss Blarney Stone
 Breeder: Sugar Maple Farm & H. Lewis Rapaport

Sunny Kitten2nd6thMNR 1 Mile 70 Yards $6,700MCL 3U
6G NYTrainer: Willsey Duncan Jockey: Oliveros Charle
 BMSire: A.P. Indy Owner: Willsey Duncan
CHARTSire: Kitten's Joy Dam: Sungold Sally
 Breeder: Kenneth L. Ramsey & Sarah K. Ramsey

The Great Samurai3rd8thMTH 6 Furlongs $23,850CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: Tannuzzo Michael Jockey: Mejia Tomas B.
 BMSire: Distorted Humor Owner: Tannuzzo Michael
CHARTSire: First Samurai Dam: Michele the Great
 Breeder: Michael J. Palenscar & Patricia Palenscar

The Prez4th8thMNR 1 Mile $13,200STR 3U
7G NYTrainer: McIntosh Chris Jockey: Barrios Ricardo
 BMSire: Go for Gin Owner: Mcintosh Chris
CHARTSire: Roaring Fever Dam: Fabulous Gin
 Breeder: Manhattan Racing Stable

Wantagh Queen8th5thSAR 5 1/2 Furlongs $83,000AOC 3UF&M StBrD
8M NYTrainer: Dini Michael Jockey: Lezcano Jose
 BMSire: Medaglia d'Oro Owner: Bruner Terry
CHARTSire: Utopia (JPN) Dam: Queen of the City
 Breeder: Jamie Lamonica

Year of the Kitten9th7thSAR 1 1/8 Miles $80,000ALW 3U StBrD
4C NYTrainer: Servis Jason Jockey: Lezcano Jose
 BMSire: Langfuhr Owner: Dubb, Michael, Simon, David and Bethlehem Stables LLC
CHARTSire: Kitten's Joy Dam: Transformation
 Breeder: Kenneth L. Ramsey & Sarah K. Ramsey

Zelenka11th10thSAR 1 1/16 Miles $48,000MCL 3U
5G NYTrainer: Meadow Patricia E. Jockey: Jimenez Samuel
 BMSire: Country Pine Owner: Meadow, Patricia E. and Rodliff, Paul A.
CHARTSire: Say Uncle Dam: Crescent Coast
 Breeder: Sky Band Farm