Daily National Results for NY-Breds:

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March 2019
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  FinishRaceTrackDistance PurseRace Condition

Brown Essence3rd1stPRX 6 1/2 Furlongs $33,000CLM 03
3G NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Torres Wesley
 BMSire: Essence of Dubai Owner: Malouf Richard
CHARTSire: Big Brown Dam: Essence of Cute
 Breeder: MAT Stables LLC

Cause for Surprise10th4thPRX 6 Furlongs $28,000CLM 4U
6G NYTrainer: Mosco Robert Jockey: Gonzalez Silvestre
 BMSire: Mr. Sinatra Owner: Armstrong Jack J.
CHARTSire: Giant Surprise Dam: Jumpin Jacqueline
 Breeder: Luck Be a Lady

Diamond Setter3rd10thPRX 1 Mile 70 Yards $20,500CLM 4U
4C NYTrainer: Englehart Chris J. Jockey: Worrie Andre Shivnarine
 BMSire: Ghostzapper Owner: Kennesaw Mountain Racing, LLC
CHARTSire: Gemologist Dam: In This Life
 Breeder: Fred W. Hertrich III & John D. Fielding

Encouraged2nd4thMVR 1 Mile 70 Yards $9,500MCL 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Stanoszek Sara Jockey: Oliveros Charle
 BMSire: Thunder Gulch Owner: Stanoszek Sara
CHARTSire: Courageous Cat Dam: Dionite Lady
 Breeder: Timothy Ahern

Gimme Goosebumps1st1stMVR 5 1/2 Furlongs $11,100MCL 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Gorham Robert M. Jockey: Pilares Christian P.
 BMSire: Street Sense Owner: Gorham Marion F.
CHARTSire: Teuflesberg Dam: Gimme Some Sense
 Breeder: Powers' Stables, LLC

Indian Gem8th8thDED 7 Furlongs $40,000AOC 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Bernis Kenward Jockey: Broussard Ashley
 BMSire: Indian Charlie Owner: Caubarreaux Andre
CHARTSire: Gemologist Dam: Charlie's Legacy
 Breeder: SF Racing

Jibber Jabber8th9thPRX 6 Furlongs $38,000STR 4U
4G NYTrainer: Houghton T. Bernard Jockey: Conner Tyler
 BMSire: Devil's Bag Owner: Fountain Springs Stable
CHARTSire: D' Funnybone Dam: Not for Long
 Breeder: Paul J. Capparell

September Gurl9th2ndPRX 5 1/2 Furlongs $24,000MCL 03F
3F NYTrainer: Guerrero Juan Carlos Jockey: Lopez Erick
 BMSire: Talk Is Money Owner: Ten Strike Racing
CHARTSire: Alpha Dam: Mostess Hostess
 Breeder: Very Un Stable

Sister Patricia5th3rdPRX 6 Furlongs $28,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Englehart Chris J. Jockey: Pennington Frankie
 BMSire: Stephen Got Even Owner: Englehart Sheila J.
CHARTSire: Desert Party Dam: Cowgirl Lucky
 Breeder: Harris Training Center, LLC

Sound of the Tap9th5thDED 5 Furlongs $23,000CLM 4U
6G NYTrainer: Westlye Kenneth Jockey: Rodriguez Wallynette
 BMSire: Smokin Mel Owner: Santis George
CHARTSire: Red Giant Dam: Smokin Sarah
 Breeder: Knight R. B. Stables LLC

Stone Bandit5th5thPRX 5 1/2 Furlongs $31,000CLM 4U
6G NYTrainer: Martin Silvio L. Jockey: Garcia Jomar
 BMSire: Belong to Me Owner: Witte John A.
CHARTSire: Bustin Stones Dam: Belongs to Bandit
 Breeder: John A Witte

Street Officer8th1stPRX 6 1/2 Furlongs $33,000CLM 03
3G NYTrainer: Servis John C. Jockey: Rodriguez Angel R.
 BMSire: Deputy Commander Owner: Cash Is King LLC and Carguys Racing LLC
CHARTSire: Street Boss Dam: Deputy Sarah
 Breeder: No Escape Ranch

Tayler's the Boss7th3rdPRX 6 Furlongs $28,000CLM 4UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Kantarmaci Mertkan Jockey: Reyes Luis R.
 BMSire: Ecton Park Owner: Kantarmaci Racing LLC
CHARTSire: Street Boss Dam: We There Yet
 Breeder: Dr. & Mrs. A. Leonard Pineau

Tiz a Kitten3rd3rdPRX 6 Furlongs $28,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Linder, Jr. Louis C. Jockey: Perez Jorge M.
 BMSire: Tiznow Owner: Woodland Farms
CHARTSire: Kitten's Joy Dam: Tiz Mariand
 Breeder: Kenneth L. Ramsey & Sarah K. Ramsey

Z Red Rocket3rd1stMVR 5 1/2 Furlongs $11,100MCL 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Rivera Xavier A. Jockey: Berrios Hector
 BMSire: Citidancer Owner: Rivera Xavier
CHARTSire: Dublin Dam: Prettidancer
 Breeder: Donna Lee Sammons & Michael McPoland