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Note: Horses displayed are bred in NY but not necessarily registered NY-breds.
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  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

Breeder: Barry R. Ostrager
DetailTUP 5th1 Mile $9,000CLM 4UF&M
7M NYTrainer: Angelle Brent Jockey: Hebert Tracy J.
 BMSire: Formal Dinner Owner: Top Hat Thoroughbreds
 Sire: City Zip Dam: Lady Buckingham

Breeder: Blue Flight, LLC
Moses SupposesPRX 7th6 Furlongs $23,000CLM 4U
4G NYTrainer: Englehart Chris J. Jockey: Worrie Andre Shivnarine
 BMSire: Eltish Owner: My Purple Haze Stable
 Sire: Desert Party Dam: Princess Tish

Breeder: Dr. Thomas M. Murray
Munchkin MoneyGP 5th1 Mile $51,000ALW 4UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Lynch Brian A. Jockey: Castellano Javier
 BMSire: Rubiano Owner: Newport Stables LLC
 Sire: Freud Dam: Sweet Rita

Breeder: Frank Hopewell / Runner's Dream FarmInc.
In Him With HimLRL 9th6 Furlongs $21,000CLM 4U
4G NYTrainer: Dilodovico Damon R. Jockey: Karamanos Horacio
 BMSire: El Prado (IRE) Owner: Ronald E. Cuneo
 Sire: With Distinction Dam: Simmerette

Breeder: Mallory & Karen Mort
Midnight ComedyGP 11thAbout 7 1/2 Furlongs $25,000MCL 03
3G NYTrainer: Antonucci Jena M. Jockey: Panici Luca
 BMSire: Distorted Humor Owner: Randy Bradshaw, Phil and Christine Hatfield
 Sire: Midnight Lute Dam: Sheet Humor

Breeder: Manhattan Racing Stable
The PrezMVR 5th1 1/16 Miles $10,300CLM 3U
7G NYTrainer: Poole Jami C. Jockey: Houghton T. D.
 BMSire: Go for Gin Owner: Chris Mcintosh
 Sire: Roaring Fever Dam: Fabulous Gin

Breeder: Marshall K. Gramm & Clay Sanders
Backstretch GeorgePRX 10th1 Mile 70 Yards $22,000CLM 4U
4G NYTrainer: Guerrero Juan Carlos Jockey: Bracho Richard A.
 BMSire: Forestry Owner: Ten Strike Racing
 Sire: Spring At Last Dam: See the Forest

Breeder: MAT Stables LLC
Brown EssencePRX 1st7 Furlongs $24,000MCL 03
3G NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Hernandez Jann N.
 BMSire: Essence of Dubai Owner: Richard A. Malouf
 Sire: Big Brown Dam: Essence of Cute

Breeder: MDS Farms, LLC
Uncle Mo's AffairLRL 5th1 Mile $18,000MCL 4UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Abramson Noah Jockey: Hamilton Weston
 BMSire: Pleasant Tap Owner: Bell Gable Stable LLC
 Sire: Uncle Mo Dam: Pleasant Rhapsody

Breeder: Newtown Anner Stud
Catapult JackPRX 10th1 Mile 70 Yards $22,000CLM 4U
6G NYTrainer: Vazquez Juan C. Jockey: Correa Julio
 BMSire: Bluegrass Cat Owner: Richie's World Stables LLC
 Sire: Mizzen Mast Dam: Purple Cat

Breeder: Parker Lightfield Farm LLC & John Zucco
DevilryPRX 5th6 1/2 Furlongs $18,000MCL 4U
5G NYTrainer: Pino Michael V. Jockey: Silvera Ruben
 BMSire: Raffie's Majesty Owner: Zilla Racing Stables
 Sire: Into Mischief Dam: Raffie's Chance

Breeder: Saratoga Glen Farm, LLC
Love You BabePRX 6th1 Mile $19,000CLM 4UF&M
6M NYTrainer: White Donald R. Jockey: Garcia Wilfredo J.
 BMSire: Mountain Cat Owner: Donald R. White
 Sire: Not For Love Dam: Queen Cat

Breeder: Spendthrift Farm, LLC
ChoritePRX 6th1 Mile $19,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Aristone Philip T. Jockey: Torres Wesley
 BMSire: Wild Again Owner: Indian Mills Stock Farm
 Sire: Court Vision Dam: Roaming Wild

Breeder: Spruce Lane Farm
Bridget MoloneyMVR 1st6 Furlongs $18,500CLM 3UF&M
8M NYTrainer: Cox L. Craig Jockey: Oliveros Charle
 BMSire: Distorted Humor Owner: Vickie L. Stewart
 Sire: Pollard's Vision Dam: Margarita Nites

Breeder: Thomas Moore
Awsum RoarGP 1st5 Furlongs $24,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Servis Jason Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad
 BMSire: Carson City Owner: Waterford Stable LLC
 Sire: In Summation Dam: City Roar

Breeder: Thomas/Burleson
The Two Nancy'sGP 4th6 Furlongs $36,000SOC 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Maragh Aubrey A. Jockey: Maragh Tony
 BMSire: Broken Vow Owner: Auricchio and Jacobson LLC - Radon
 Sire: Desert Party Dam: Promising Vow

Breeder: Twin Creeks Farm
AmersSA 3rd6 Furlongs $33,000CLM 04F
4F NYTrainer: Wong Jonathan Jockey: Figueroa Heriberto
 BMSire: Exchange Rate Owner: MyRacehorse.com, Abker or Nentwig, et al
 Sire: Graydar Dam: Justenufappeal

Breeder: Wellspring Stables, LLC
Silver SilencePRX 6th1 Mile $19,000CLM 4UF&M
9M NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Rosado Roberto J.
 BMSire: Cozzene Owner: Gumpster Stable LLC
 Sire: Salute the Sarge Dam: No Other Like You