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Note: Horses displayed are bred in NY but not necessarily registered NY-breds.
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  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

Breeder: Allen Hallett & Briggs/Cromartie
Kelly's PrizeAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Sciacca Gary Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Langfuhr Owner: Giacopelli, Paul, M.
 Sire: Pure Prize Dam: Miz Lynne Kelly

Breeder: Amy Boll, Alfred Alberts &Patricia Alberts
SandiwillPRX 4th6 Furlongs $13,000MCL 3U
4G NYTrainer: St. Lewis Uriah Jockey: Navarro Joshua
 BMSire: Distant View Owner: Guyana Rocky LLC
 Sire: Say Florida Sandy Dam: Can Do It

Breeder: Anstu Farm LLC
A Day in ParadiseFG 11th1 1/8 Miles $750,000STK 03
3G NYTrainer: Jones J. Larry Jockey: Clark Kerwin D. Louisiana Derby (2)
 BMSire: Tiznow Owner: Tommy G. Ligon
 Sire: Yes It's True Dam: Tiz Paula

Breeder: Backwards Stable
MasterkeyAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Rodriguez Rudy R. Jockey: Beato Inoel
 BMSire: Albert the Great Owner: Gurdon, Andrew and Halay, Frank
 Sire: Will He Shine Dam: U R Key

Breeder: Bada Bing Stable
My Won LoveAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Klesaris Steve Jockey: Arroyo Angel S.
 BMSire: Air Forbes Won Owner: Class Personified Stable and Klesaris, Steve
 Sire: Utopia (JPN) Dam: Won Moro

Breeder: Berkshire Stud
EverydoghashisdayAQU 4th6 Furlongs $23,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Parker Joseph G. Jockey: Silvera Ruben
 BMSire: Quiet American Owner: Johnson, Wilfred
 Sire: Bluegrass Cat Dam: Silence Please

Sky MusicMVR 3rd1 Mile $7,900CLM 3U
7G NYTrainer: Londono, Jr. Odin J. Jockey: Ramgeet Andrew R.
 BMSire: Quiet American Owner: Michelle Winters
 Sire: Sky Mesa Dam: Silence Please

Breeder: Desmond Farm
Do It for DennisAQU 4th6 Furlongs $23,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Jones Eduardo E. Jockey: Sone Joel
 BMSire: Horse Chestnut (SAF) Owner: Rivera, Asuncion
 Sire: Performing Magic Dam: Notableachblonde

Breeder: D-Marleigh Stables
Bugle BluesTAM 8th6 1/2 Furlongs $23,000MSW 03
3C NYTrainer: Lerman Roy S. Jockey: Vega Harry
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Lambholm Stable
 Sire: Lion Hearted Dam: Shoot the Bugler

Breeder: Dr. John M McDermott & Laura G McDermott
Candid DesireAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Sciacca Gary Jockey: Lopez Charles C.
 BMSire: Not For Love Owner: Laderer, Amanda and Downey, Gary
 Sire: Yes It's True Dam: Baby Love

Breeder: Dr. Jose Birriel
Serious HappinessPRX 7th1 Mile $45,000ALW 03F
3F NYTrainer: St. Lewis Uriah Jockey: Sanchez Mychel J.
 BMSire: Pure Prize Owner: Trin-Brook Stables, Inc.
 Sire: El Corredor Dam: Heavenly Empress

Breeder: Dunlane Farm
Blue SharkAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
4G NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Arroyo Angel S.
 BMSire: Pulpit Owner: Funky Munky Stable LLC
 Sire: Colonel John Dam: Pulpit's Treasure

Breeder: Edward Cohn
Kitty RideAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Ryerson James T. Jockey: Rodriguez Israel O.
 BMSire: Sunday Break (JPN) Owner: Cohn, Madeline
 Sire: Relato Del Gato Dam: Sunday Ride

Breeder: EKQ Stables Corp.
Over My HeadAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Morrison John Jockey: Jara Fernando
 BMSire: Exploit Owner: Giorgi Stable
 Sire: Greeley's Galaxy Dam: Lone Tree

Breeder: Empire Equines, LLC
Scorpion's TouchAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Ferraro James W. Jockey: Cancel Eric
 BMSire: Stop the Music Owner: Rudina Stable
 Sire: Touch Gold Dam: Stop the Vice

Breeder: Fiddlers Green Stable, LP
Fiddler's ReddemonPEN 4th6 Furlongs $11,400CLM 4U
7G NYTrainer: Wames John J. Jockey: Hastie Robert M.
 BMSire: Hansel Owner: John J. Wames
 Sire: Forest Grove Dam: I's Pretty Fast

Breeder: Gabrielle Farm
Stone CrabAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Rodriguez Rudy R. Jockey: Beato Inoel
 BMSire: Not For Love Owner: Gabrielle Farm
 Sire: Stephen Got Even Dam: Mango Margarita

Breeder: H & H Farms & McMahon Thoroughbreds, LLC
Wildly LeaksLRL 3rd1 Mile $23,000CLM 4U
5H NYTrainer: Parker Horace M. Jockey: Cortez Alcibiades C.
 BMSire: Ide Owner: Tommie C. L. Crump
 Sire: Wild Desert Dam: Idle Day

Breeder: Harry Grant
Tottie RoyerAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
4C NYTrainer: Adel David H. Jockey: Jimenez Samuel
 BMSire: Lear Fan Owner: Grant, Harold E. and Adel, David H.
 Sire: Roaring Fever Dam: Leary Lass

Breeder: Henry T. Waring
Anna OLRL 6th5 1/2 Furlongs $40,000MSW 03F
3F NYTrainer: Runco Jeff C. Jockey: McCarthy Trevor
 BMSire: Cape Town Owner: Thomas Warring
 Sire: Freud Dam: Nicoise

Breeder: Hidden Lake Farm, LLC & Jeremy Peskoff
Blue Chips OnlyAQU 4th6 Furlongs $23,000CLM 4U
4G NYTrainer: Sciacca Gary Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: El Corredor Owner: DMF Stable
 Sire: Bluegrass Cat Dam: Nootka Island

Breeder: Irish Hill Century Farm
Kimmies Lucky StarAQU 3rd6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Scott Phillip Jockey: Henry Wesley
 BMSire: Storm of Angels Owner: Spicer, Clinton and Benain, Michael
 Sire: Patriot Act Dam: Chickadee

Breeder: J. P. Delaney
Home to CarrowkeelLRL 9th1 Mile $16,000MCL 4UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Nevin Michelle Jockey: Carrasco Victor R.
 BMSire: Dignitas Owner: James Patrick Delaney & Michelle Nevin
 Sire: Big Brown Dam: Capitess

Breeder: James Lamonica & Empire Stud, LLC
SunloverAQU 9th6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Kenneally Eddie Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick
 BMSire: Mr. Greeley Owner: GoldMark Farm, LLC
 Sire: Sunriver Dam: Ardent Lover

Breeder: Joe Marx
Saharan SerenadeAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Toscano, Jr. John T. Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Well Noted Owner: Toscano, Robert and Bran Jam Stable
 Sire: Wild Desert Dam: Little Legend

Breeder: Joemar Racing Stables, LLC
Desert SpiritAQU 3rd6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Schettino Dominick Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Wild Again Owner: Joemar Racing Stables
 Sire: Desert Warrior Dam: Simply Outrageous

Breeder: John Hettinger
Go Tiger JackOP 6th1 1/16 Miles $35,000CLM 4U
8G NYTrainer: Irwin Ralph R. Jockey: Johnson Joe M.
 BMSire: Unaccounted For Owner: Melissa Cantacuzene
 Sire: Victory Gallop Dam: Hussy

Breeder: John P Hicks and H & H Farm
Sunny AftermoonAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Martin Carlos F. Jockey: Rose Jeremy
 BMSire: Twining Owner: Linden, Steve
 Sire: Notional Dam: Twining and Dining

Breeder: Joseph DiRico
Disco JoeyAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
4G NYTrainer: Brown Bruce R. Jockey: Cancel Eric
 BMSire: Jolie's Halo Owner: Blicksilver, Owen and Old Brookside Farm
 Sire: Disco Rico Dam: Jessica's Halo

Breeder: Juan C. Fernandez
Sky ColorsAQU 5th1 Mile $25,000CLM 4U
6H NYTrainer: Ortiz Juan Jockey: Roman Kevin
 BMSire: Candy Stripes Owner: Fernandez, Juan, C.
 Sire: Carry My Colors Dam: Persky (ARG)

Breeder: Karen S. Nagleson
Track MagnetLRL 5th7 Furlongs $15,000CLM 4U
10G NYTrainer: Shelansky Richard Jockey: Cortez Alcibiades C.
 BMSire: Scarlet Ibis Owner: Diane McKay
 Sire: Western Expression Dam: Glorious Gift

Breeder: Katharine M. Voss & Robert T. Manfuso
International StarFG 11th1 1/8 Miles $750,000STK 03
3C NYTrainer: Maker Michael J. Jockey: Mena Miguel Louisiana Derby (2)
 BMSire: French Deputy Owner: Kenneth L. & Sarah K. Ramsey
 Sire: Fusaichi Pegasus Dam: Parlez

Breeder: Kaz Hill Farm
Sunrise LoverAQU 5th1 Mile $25,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Jones Eduardo E. Jockey: Sone Joel
 BMSire: Devil His Due Owner: Rivera, Asuncion
 Sire: Here's Zealous Dam: Banished Lover

Breeder: Kerin and Kerin, LLC
FuturazoAQU 7th1 Mile $25,000CLM 4U
9G NYTrainer: Matties Gregg M. Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Sea Salute Owner: McCall, Brian E. and Roys, Richard
 Sire: Roaring Fever Dam: Love to Sea It

Breeder: Lansdon B. Robbins & Samuel P. Delaney
Tweet MePRX 2nd1 Mile 70 Yards $17,000CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: St. Lewis Uriah Jockey: Sanchez Mychel J.
 BMSire: Vettori (IRE) Owner: Trin-Brook Stables, Inc.
 Sire: First Samurai Dam: Creme de La Creme (FR)

Breeder: Lois Engel
Granville's WayPRX 4th6 Furlongs $13,000MCL 3U
4G NYTrainer: Granville Pedro Jockey: Felix, Jr. Javier M.
 BMSire: Volponi Owner: Pedro Granville & Barbie John Stable
 Sire: Sun King Dam: Volmoose

Breeder: Margaret Carrothers & Patricia Parker
SuckitupbusterAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Gullo Gary P. Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Concern Owner: Piser, Donald, H.
 Sire: Freud Dam: Schemer

Breeder: Maybrys Farm, Inc
Maybry's GirlAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Henry Neville Jockey: Amaro Charlie
 BMSire: Miswaki Owner: Boohit, Tage
 Sire: Maybry's Boy Dam: Luscious

Breeder: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC
Signora SofiaAQU 3rd6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Sciacca Gary Jockey: Rodriguez Israel O.
 BMSire: Pleasant Tap Owner: Lettieri, Vincenzo and Petrescu, Daniela
 Sire: Desert Warrior Dam: Enter

Breeder: McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds, LLC& Mike Shevy
Colonel JessupAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Shevy Michael J. Jockey: Rice Taylor B.
 BMSire: Whywhywhy Owner: Shevy, Michael, J.
 Sire: Utopia (JPN) Dam: Why Then

Breeder: Merrylegs Farm North, LLC
With ExpressionTAM 11th1 1/16 Miles $23,000ALW 4U
4G NYTrainer: Blair Jordan Jockey: Lebron Victor
 BMSire: Western Expression Owner: Merrylegs Farm
 Sire: Freud Dam: Douce Expression

Breeder: Mia Gallo, Arlene Wilkins & Dave Stack
Soul OppositionAQU 3rd6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Levine Bruce N. Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick
 BMSire: Belong to Me Owner: The Three Colleens Stable and Parting Glass Racing
 Sire: Thunder Gulch Dam: Soul Possession

Breeder: Mia Gallo, Dave Stack, Mary Koplay, SamPalazzole, Bernie Ryan, et
EchluathPRX 9th1 Mile 70 Yards $18,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Crane Clovis Jockey: Davis Jacqueline A.
 BMSire: Unbridled's Song Owner: Nicholas S. Laneve
 Sire: Tale of the Cat Dam: Christina's Melody

Breeder: Milfer Farm Inc.
No NukesAQU 5th1 Mile $25,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Gullo Gary P. Jockey: Beato Inoel
 BMSire: Forever Silver Owner: Prestine Racing
 Sire: Golden Missile Dam: Little Notice

Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Spielman
ThreewisemenMVR 2nd5 1/2 Furlongs $5,800CLM 3U
10G NYTrainer: Polichena Russell Jockey: Peltroche Fredy
 BMSire: Boone's Mill Owner: Russell Polichena
 Sire: Wiseman's Ferry Dam: Our Mill Flower

Breeder: Mrs. Gerald A. Nielsen
UpstartGP 14th1 1/8 Miles $1,000,000STK 03
3R NYTrainer: Violette, Jr. Richard A. Jockey: Ortiz Jose L. Besilu Stables Florida Derby (1)
 BMSire: Touch Gold Owner: Ralph M. Evans
 Sire: Flatter Dam: Party Silks

Breeder: Nyala Farm LLC
Snake Oil CharlieAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Maroun George C. Jockey: Perez Melvin L.
 BMSire: Royal Anthem Owner: Maroun, Douglas
 Sire: Freud Dam: Finlandia

Breeder: Paul Rodliff & Stephen Avakian
Crescent StreetAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
4G NYTrainer: Schosberg Richard E. Jockey: Rose Jeremy
 BMSire: Country Pine Owner: Rodliff, Paul and Avakian, Stephen
 Sire: Street Boss Dam: Crescent Coast

Breeder: Peter O'Connor
Bear ClauseAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Friedman Mitchell E. Jockey: Worrie Andre Shivnarine
 BMSire: Gilded Time Owner: Sunny Meadow Farm
 Sire: Roaring Fever Dam: Expiration Day

Breeder: Ralph D'Alessandro &Mary Ann D'Alessandro
Gopher JrAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3G NYTrainer: D'Alessandro Ralph Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: With It Owner: D'Alessandro, Ralph and Maryann
 Sire: Silent Name (JPN) Dam: Dr F Laparco

Breeder: Richard Filosa, Tim Hills & Robert Susi
Hot House RoseGP 4th7 1/2 Furlongs $55,000MSW 03F
3F NYTrainer: Hills Timothy A. Jockey: Saez Gabriel
 BMSire: Anees Owner: Charles Dimino, Timothy A. Hills and Robert Susi
 Sire: Latent Heat Dam: Gabriela's Rose

Breeder: Richard J. Lugovich
Tricked Out TuxPEN 7th1 1/16 Miles $14,800CLM 4U
6G NYTrainer: Salvaggio Mark V. Jockey: Rodriguez Edilberto
 BMSire: Phone Trick Owner: Francisco Sandoval
 Sire: Black Tie Affair (IRE) Dam: Gregorian Jest

Breeder: Robert S. Evans
True BetAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Dilger Michael Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick
 BMSire: Prospectors Gamble Owner: Autry, George and Stephanie
 Sire: Yes It's True Dam: Gamblers Passion

Breeder: Rojan Farms
Night ReaderTAM 6th6 Furlongs $10,800CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Tasso Mark L. Jockey: Morales Pablo
 BMSire: Twilight Agenda Owner: Pavilion Racing
 Sire: Read the Footnotes Dam: Goodnight Irene

Breeder: Sage Stables
PetrocelliAQU 7th1 Mile $25,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Barrera, III Oscar S. Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Indian Charlie Owner: Espinosa, Jairo A. and Sosa-Barrera, Clery L.
 Sire: Disco Rico Dam: Squaw Valley

Breeder: Saratoga Glen Farm, LLC
UlationsAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3G NYTrainer: Barrow Paul W. Jockey: Jara Fernando
 BMSire: Pine Bluff Owner: Steadman, Henry and Barrow, Paul
 Sire: Congrats Dam: Can't Bluff Me

Breeder: Scott Schwartz
Jersey's KittensPRX 7th1 Mile $45,000ALW 03F
3F NYTrainer: Samaniego Jose I. Jockey: Cora David
 BMSire: Dixie Brass Owner: Bebe Racing Stable Inc.
 Sire: Catienus Dam: Brassy Kitten

Breeder: Sequel Stallions N.Y. &Carapan Farm, LLC
Hoosic TunnelPEN 4th6 Furlongs $11,400CLM 4U
4C NYTrainer: Rojas Murray L. Jockey: Diaz Jerry J.
 BMSire: Mystery Storm Owner: Pat & Ron Scorese
 Sire: Noonmark Dam: Tweak N Twist

Breeder: Sequel Stallions New York &Thomas Dushas
EdithAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Sciacca Gary Jockey: Cancel Eric
 BMSire: E Dubai Owner: Caterbone, Jim and Caterbone, Margaret
 Sire: Freud Dam: Pegasus Blewbaiyou

Breeder: Sequel Stallions New York, Liberty HillNY Thoroughbreds & Cornell Crest East
AcigarisjustacigarAQU 9th6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Ryerson James T. Jockey: Worrie Andre Shivnarine
 BMSire: Event of the Year Owner: Blue Sapphire Farm
 Sire: Freud Dam: Oh Livie

Breeder: Sequel Thoroughbreds LLC, A Lakin & Sons& Hidden Lake Farm
Ex Ex ExAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Contessa Gary C. Jockey: Garcia Wilmer A.
 BMSire: Honor Grades Owner: Valentine, Mark
 Sire: Read the Footnotes Dam: Stelluchella

Breeder: SF Bloodstock LLC
Dr. TooleGP 9th1 Mile $55,000MSW 03
3C NYTrainer: Ness Jamie Jockey: Saez Luis
 BMSire: Mr. Greeley Owner: Triple K Stables
 Sire: Super Saver Dam: Nonsuch Bay

Breeder: Sienna Farms LLC
Fratello Del NordAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Englehart Chris J. Jockey: Arroyo Angel S.
 BMSire: Scorpion Owner: Colleen S. Stable
 Sire: Northern Afleet Dam: Colleen's Scorpion

Breeder: Stone Bridge Farm
John SilverAQU 4th6 Furlongs $23,000CLM 4U
6G NYTrainer: Weaver George Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Judge T C Owner: Peace, Agnes
 Sire: Silver Wagon Dam: Unbridled Cyclone

Breeder: Sugar Maple Farm & H. Lewis Rapaport
KleptocratAQU 3rd6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Baker Charlton Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Thunder Gulch Owner: Baker, Charlton
 Sire: Performing Magic Dam: Quidnunc Gulch

Breeder: Thomas B. Edwards
Keltic FighterAQU 9th6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4U
8G NYTrainer: Hizo Pablo E. Jockey: Silvera Ruben
 BMSire: Fit to Fight Owner: Hizo, Pablo
 Sire: Kelly Kip Dam: Rosie Is a Leader

Breeder: Thomas Moore
DomerAQU 9th6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4U
4G NYTrainer: Contessa Gary C. Jockey: Richards Gary
 BMSire: Carson City Owner: Harrigan, Martin, P.
 Sire: Posse Dam: City Roar

Breeder: Tim Ahern
Our PosseAQU 2nd6 Furlongs $31,000MCL 03 StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Rodriguez Rudy R. Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Phantom Jet Owner: Silver Streak Stables
 Sire: Posse Dam: Irish Jet

Breeder: Trade Winds Farm
ScienziatoLRL 9th1 Mile $16,000MCL 4UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Blake Michael J. Jockey: Strandberg Mallory
 BMSire: Boundary Owner: Michael J. Blake
 Sire: Utopia (JPN) Dam: The Demon Chaser

Breeder: Turtle Bird Stable
Organic GeminiAQU 6th6 Furlongs $55,000MSW 3U StBrD
3C NYTrainer: Asmussen Steven M. Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Speightstown Owner: Turtle Bird Stable
 Sire: Sir Whimsey Dam: Speightful Affair

Breeder: Well Spring Stables, LLC
Alternative MedsPRX 9th1 Mile 70 Yards $18,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Calderon Luis Jockey: Rosado Roberto J.
 BMSire: Affirmed Owner: Luis Calderon
 Sire: Salute the Sarge Dam: Xtra Dash

Breeder: Wellspring Stables, LLC
Special SelectionGP 1st1 Mile $58,000AOC 4U
6G NYTrainer: McBurney Patrick B. Jockey: Hernandez Rafael Manuel
 BMSire: Raffie's Majesty Owner: Old Brookside Farm
 Sire: Hook and Ladder Dam: Raffamuffin

Breeder: William Bloom, John Behrendt &Charles Marquis
Face the RaceAQU 9th6 Furlongs $22,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Rodriguez Rudy R. Jockey: Franco Manuel
 BMSire: Forest Wildcat Owner: Dubb, Michael
 Sire: Exchange Rate Dam: Nice Kitty Kitty

Breeder: William Butler
Quit SmokinAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Hertler John O. Jockey: Rice Taylor B.
 BMSire: Dixieland Band Owner: Butler, William, J.
 Sire: Smoke Glacken Dam: Kewland

Breeder: William Niarakis Jr. & Magna GraduateSyndicate
Ursula'smartypantsLRL 2nd6 Furlongs $20,000CLM 4U
5G NYTrainer: Albert Linda L. Jockey: Perez Xavier
 BMSire: Raja's Revenge Owner: Blue Streak Stable
 Sire: Magna Graduate Dam: Ultimate Ursula

Breeder: William Niarakis Jr. & Stephen Sinatra
MoldaviteAQU 8th6 Furlongs $57,000ALW 4UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Allard Edward T. Jockey: Lopez Charles C.
 BMSire: Meadowlake Owner: Blue Streak Stable
 Sire: Cosmonaut Dam: Meadow Belle