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Note: Horses displayed are bred in NY but not necessarily registered NY-breds.
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  TrackRaceDistance PurseRace Condition

Breeder: Andy Beadnell
Payment TermsMTH 3rd1 Mile $17,500CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: McCooey, Jr. Thomas S. Jockey: Cotto, Jr. Pedro L.
 BMSire: Entrepreneur (GB) Owner: Joseph DiRico
 Sire: Freud Dam: Overextended (FR)

Breeder: Andy Stronach
SimplyirresistibleLRL 5th1 1/16 Miles $18,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Bernardini Jay P. Jockey: Ortiz Yomar Orlando
 BMSire: City Zip Owner: Jay P. Bernardini
 Sire: Sligo Bay (IRE) Dam: Miss Irresistible

Breeder: Anstu Farm LLC
Kicken LiviPID 7th5 1/2 Furlongs $17,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Rice Kevin Jockey: Rice Taylor B.
 BMSire: High Yield Owner: Rice Racing
 Sire: Grand Slam Dam: Kicken High

Breeder: David Ahearn
Freudian FantasyMNR 6th6 Furlongs $6,200CLM 3U
3G NYTrainer: Bernardini Jay P. Jockey: Davila Jose M.
 BMSire: Belong to Me Owner: David E. Ahearn
 Sire: Freud Dam: Can't Sleep

Breeder: Delahanty Stock Farm
Read It and WeepMNR 2nd4 1/2 Furlongs $9,100CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Bayley Randy Jockey: Hernandez Luciano
 BMSire: Behrens Owner: Tom Schafer
 Sire: Read the Footnotes Dam: Bauhaus Bourbon

Breeder: Dr. James Randall Mcglinn
Invading HumorBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
6M NYTrainer: Levine Bruce N. Jockey: Lezcano Jose John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Distorted Humor Owner: Bloodlines Racing Partnerships
 Sire: Invasor (ARG) Dam: Very Funny

Breeder: Edward Cohn
Red Hook ExpressMTH 10th5 1/2 Furlongs $14,000MCL 3U
4G NYTrainer: Mallon Scott Jockey: Cotto, Jr. Pedro L.
 BMSire: Favorite Trick Owner: Madeline Cohn
 Sire: Fast Draw Dam: My Favorite Pet

Breeder: Eric J. Myer
Show KingFX 2nd1 1/16 Miles $1ALW 3U
5G NYTrainer: Day James M. Jockey: McCarthy William
 BMSire: Straight Man Owner: Shannon Hill Farm
 Sire: Fantasticat Dam: Straight Blues

Breeder: Estate of Athena C. Kouray
Tina's NotePRX 4th6 Furlongs $18,000CLM 3UF&M
7M NYTrainer: Farro Patricia Jockey: Rosado Roberto J.
 BMSire: Loustrous Bid Owner: Patricia Farro
 Sire: Smooth Jazz Dam: Aristie

Breeder: Flying Zee Stables
Race and ShineLRL 5th1 1/16 Miles $18,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Dilodovico Damon R. Jockey: Toledo Jevian
 BMSire: Western Expression Owner: Brian Costello
 Sire: Stonesider Dam: Classic Expression

SeleniteBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Western Expression Owner: Punk, Jr., William J. and DiLeo, Philip
 Sire: Cosmonaut Dam: Offhand Remark

Breeder: Fred W. Hertrich III
Good Luck GusLRL 8thAbout 1 1/16 Miles $42,000ALW 3U
4C NYTrainer: Rodriguez Rudy R. Jockey: Carrasco Victor R.
 BMSire: Deputy Minister Owner: Michael Dubb, Bethlehem Stables LLC & The Elkstone Group LLC
 Sire: Lookin At Lucky Dam: Tacticmove

Breeder: Harry L. Landry, Constancia Farm &Dunkirk Syndicate
Jules N RomeBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Rodriguez Rudy R. Jockey: Castellano Javier John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Double Honor Owner: Dubb, Michael
 Sire: Dunkirk Dam: Pretty Honoree

Breeder: Irish Hill Century Farm,Michelle Sherack & Andrew Cohen
Who Is the GiantMTH 1st6 Furlongs $15,000CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: Maragh Collin Jockey: Juarez Nik
 BMSire: Crusader Sword Owner: Collin Maragh
 Sire: Frost Giant Dam: Isn't It Fun

Breeder: James Anthony Mandel
Call Me a StarMTH 10th5 1/2 Furlongs $14,000MCL 3U
3G NYTrainer: Zubenko III Gerald Jockey: Kay Winston R.
 BMSire: Grindstone Owner: Luna Stable and G. Zubenko, III
 Sire: Eternal Star Dam: Belle's Call

Breeder: James Pino & Lisa Pino
Minnie PuntMTH 8th1 1/16 Miles $18,500CLM 3U
10G NYTrainer: Chacon Gustavo Jockey: Arosemena Juan Carlos
 BMSire: Rubiano Owner: Four Star Stables LLC
 Sire: Gold Fever Dam: Let's Punt

Breeder: JND Stables, James Taylor &Deborah Bolstad
Honorable LoveMTH 3rd1 Mile $17,500CLM 3U
6M NYTrainer: Vuyosevich Jeanne L. Jockey: Mangalee Navin
 BMSire: Honor Grades Owner: Jeanne L. Vuyosevich
 Sire: Aptitude Dam: Liberal Love

Breeder: John T Behrendt & Charles Marquis
Foxhall DriveMTH 8th1 1/16 Miles $18,500CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: Ness Jamie Jockey: Juarez Nik
 BMSire: Parade Marshal Owner: J. Wolf, T. Hopkins and Jagger, Inc.
 Sire: Congrats Dam: Relativa (ARG)

Breeder: Joseph G. Birnbaum
Old HarborBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Cash Russell J. Jockey: Ortiz Jose L. John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Roy Owner: Birnbaum, Joseph
 Sire: Raffie's Majesty Dam: Royal Mast

Breeder: Kathleen M. Feron
Fourstar CrookBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Brown Chad C. Jockey: Castellano Javier John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: D'Accord Owner: Dubb, Michael, Bethlehem Stables LLC and Aisquith, Gary
 Sire: Freud Dam: Avril a Portugal

Breeder: Kaz Hill Farm
Whilethewife'sawayMTH 10th5 1/2 Furlongs $14,000MCL 3U
6G NYTrainer: Bishop Findley G. Jockey: Holquin Rafael
 BMSire: Lil's Lad Owner: Phillip P. Cunningham
 Sire: Discreet Cat Dam: Blissful Ignorance

Breeder: Kevin Constable
Jazzy Ginger BelleMTH 5th1 1/16 Miles $20,500MCL 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Pimental John I. Jockey: Zayas Jonathan
 BMSire: King's Grant Owner: Kevin Constable
 Sire: Yankee Mon Dam: Miss Marie

Breeder: Lawrence Goichman
Swear by ItBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Esler Nicholas Jockey: Franco Manuel John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Lear Fan Owner: Goichman, Lawrence
 Sire: Broken Vow Dam: Jesse's Justice

Breeder: Michael S Michalisin
Not a WordPRX 4th6 Furlongs $18,000CLM 3UF&M
5M NYTrainer: Aro Michael Charles Jockey: Sanchez Mychel J.
 BMSire: Real Quiet Owner: Wayne Servideo
 Sire: Offlee Wild Dam: Quiet Honor

Breeder: Miracle Man Racing Partners LLC
Jc's Shooting StarBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
4F NYTrainer: Donk David G. Jockey: Arroyo Angel S. John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Quiet American Owner: Shooting Star Stable
 Sire: Miracle Man Dam: American Passage

Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. Grant L. Whitmer
Frostie AnneBEL 9th1 Mile $40,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Sharp Joe Jockey: Saez Luis
 BMSire: Toccet Owner: Damchu Stables
 Sire: Frost Giant Dam: Lake Toccet

Breeder: My Meadowview LLC
Alexis RoadMNR 5th5 Furlongs $6,600CLM 3UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Smith Jeffrey W. Jockey: Whitacre Brandon
 BMSire: Polish Numbers Owner: Jack Cannon
 Sire: Noble Causeway Dam: Besige

Breeder: Patricia Generazio
Crafty ConcordePRX 5th6 1/2 Furlongs $39,000CLM 3U
8G NYTrainer: Rodriguez John M. Jockey: Sanchez Mychel J.
 BMSire: Concorde's Tune Owner: John M. Rodriguez
 Sire: Crafty Friend Dam: V for Vera

Breeder: Paul Pompa Jr.
BaronetBEL 9th1 Mile $40,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Sciacca Gary Jockey: Carmouche Kendrick
 BMSire: Regal Classic Owner: Henning, Dan and Henning, Michael A.
 Sire: D' Funnybone Dam: Baroness

Breeder: Rhapsody Faarm LLC & Jon Davis
Fish Trappe RoadRP 11th1 1/8 Miles $400,000STK 03
3C NYTrainer: Calhoun W. Bret Jockey: Bejarano Rafael Oklahoma Derby (3)
 BMSire: Cure the Blues Owner: Martin Racing Stable
 Sire: Trappe Shot Dam: Electric Shock

Breeder: Rhapsody Farm LLC
SidearmCD 2nd6 Furlongs $28,000CLM 3U
5G NYTrainer: Amoss Thomas M. Jockey: Osorio Didiel A.
 BMSire: Yes It's True Owner: Chris Ewing and Larry J. Romero
 Sire: Kodiak Kowboy Dam: Miss Trudy

Breeder: Richard Greeley
CarameawayBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
6M NYTrainer: Friedman Mitchell E. Jockey: Fragoso Pablo John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Grand Slam Owner: Greeley, Richard
 Sire: Lawyer Ron Dam: Adorable You

Breeder: Robert Ross
Quick RewardMNR 9th5 1/2 Furlongs $6,300CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Moreno Leandro Jockey: Barbaran Erik
 BMSire: Rahy Owner: Lima Horse Racing LLC ( Miguel Lima )
 Sire: Grand Reward Dam: Quick Question

Breeder: Rojan Farms
Light ReignBEL 9th1 Mile $40,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Kelly Patrick J. Jockey: Davis Dylan
 BMSire: A.P. Indy Owner: Bongard, E., Little Club Racing, Condon, K., Petrino, E. and Skodinski, C.
 Sire: Monarchos Dam: Luminate

Breeder: Sequel Thoroughbreds LLC, Rhapsody FarmLLC, Jon Davis & Tina Davis
Dreamin of BettyFX 1st2 1/8 Miles $15,000MCL 3U
5G NYTrainer: Morris Neil R. Jockey: Norris Kieran
 BMSire: Unbridled's Song Owner: Lana Wright
 Sire: Freud Dam: Unbridled Betty

Breeder: Sequel Thoroughreds & Hidden Lake Farm
One Sweet DreamMNR 9th5 1/2 Furlongs $6,300CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Clouston Edward Jockey: Paucar Edgar
 BMSire: Matchlite Owner: Michelle Helms
 Sire: Girolamo Dam: Clever Idea

Breeder: SF Bloodstock LLC
Cantate DominoLRL 1st1 1/16 Miles $27,000MCL 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Keefe Timothy L. Jockey: Cruz Angel
 BMSire: Vicar Owner: Gary Hacker
 Sire: Sidney's Candy Dam: Coulee

Inside StraightRP 11th1 1/8 Miles $400,000STK 03
3G NYTrainer: Diodoro Robertino Jockey: Stevens Scott A. Oklahoma Derby (3)
 BMSire: Southern Halo Owner: Randy Howg
 Sire: Super Saver Dam: Dance Alexa

Breeder: Smith Ridge Stables, LLC
Ideal PlacePM 7th5 1/2 Furlongs $10,000STK 3UF&M
6M NYTrainer: Montano Wilfrido Jockey: Haar Nathan Multnomah Falls H.
 BMSire: Langfuhr Owner: Lakota Racing Stables and Hernan Torres
 Sire: Utopia (JPN) Dam: Anyplace Anytime

Breeder: Spruce Lane Farm & WinStar Farm
Dr DynamiteMNR 4th6 Furlongs $6,200CLM 3U
3G NYTrainer: Sullivan Elliot Jockey: Paucar Edgar
 BMSire: Distorted Humor Owner: Gabes Stable LLC (Catherine Angelo)
 Sire: Bluegrass Cat Dam: Thira

Breeder: Stone Bridge Farm
Neck of the MoonBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
6M NYTrainer: Brown Chad C. Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: With Approval Owner: Hidden Brook Farm
 Sire: More Than Ready Dam: Cotopaxi

Breeder: Team Penney Racing
FlipcupBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
5M NYTrainer: Mott William I. Jockey: Alvarado Junior John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: Touch Gold Owner: Team Penney Racing, Wachtel Stable and Brous Stable
 Sire: Milwaukee Brew Dam: Dream Affair

Breeder: Ted Taylor
Star of New YorkPRX 9th6 1/2 Furlongs $18,000CLM 3U
10G NYTrainer: Wilhelm-Saldana Jennie Jockey: Bowman Adam
 BMSire: Sauce Boat Owner: Steven M. Wister
 Sire: Five Star Day Dam: Portent

Breeder: Thomas & Burleson
CopernicusMTH 1st6 Furlongs $15,000CLM 3U
4G NYTrainer: Miranda Luis A. Jockey: Acosta J. D.
 BMSire: Wavering Monarch Owner: F and F Stable
 Sire: Munnings Dam: Wavering Wind

Breeder: Thomas Finacchio
Creepy the CrabLRL 10th1 Mile $18,000MCL 3U
3G NYTrainer: Heil Nancy B. Jockey: Hamilton Steve D.
 BMSire: Quarry Owner: Herbert W. Kushner
 Sire: Silver Train Dam: Gold Stones

Breeder: Three Crowns Farm
Ten Penny PrincessBEL 9th1 Mile $40,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Brown Bruce R. Jockey: Castellano Javier
 BMSire: Include Owner: Three Crowns Farm
 Sire: Thunder Gulch Dam: In for a Dime

Breeder: Trade Winds Farm
ScienziatoFE 7th6 Furlongs $9,240CLM 3UF&M
7M NYTrainer: Davies Ronald Jockey: Duchaine Brandon A.
 BMSire: Boundary Owner: Ron Davies
 Sire: Utopia (JPN) Dam: The Demon Chaser

Breeder: W. C. Freeman
Miss Dolan's RoseMNR 2nd4 1/2 Furlongs $9,100CLM 3UF&M
11M NYTrainer: Baird J. Michael Jockey: Bracho Agustin
 BMSire: Kokand Owner: J. Michael Baird
 Sire: Judge T C Dam: Dolan Hill

Breeder: W. S. Farish
Kitty MaddnesBEL 9th1 Mile $40,000CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Morrison John Jockey: Ortiz, Jr. Irad
 BMSire: Mineshaft Owner: Very Un Stable
 Sire: Courageous Cat Dam: Top Value

Breeder: Walmac Farm & J. I. Racing Inc.
El GenioMTH 10th5 1/2 Furlongs $14,000MCL 3U
6G NYTrainer: Iselin James H. Jockey: Bocachica Orlando
 BMSire: Dynaformer Owner: James H. Iselin
 Sire: Songandaprayer Dam: Pure Fiction

Breeder: Westerly Horse Farm Inc.
Time for a PartyPID 4th6 Furlongs $15,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Rogers J. Michael Jockey: Martinez Willie
 BMSire: Fly So Free Owner: Robert G. Klimasewski and Tammy Klimasewski
 Sire: Desert Party Dam: Time for Karakorum

Breeder: William L. E. Sinkler
TupungatoPID 5th6 Furlongs $20,000CLM 3UF&M
4F NYTrainer: Markgraf David Jockey: Martinez Willie
 BMSire: Dixie Brass Owner: William L. E. Sinkler
 Sire: Catienus Dam: Lulie

Breeder: William Parsons Jr. & David S. Howe
The Tea CupsBEL 8th1 1/8 Miles $125,000STK 3UF&M StBrD
6M NYTrainer: Englehart Jeremiah C. Jockey: Saez Luis John Hettinger S.
 BMSire: A.P. Indy Owner: Standlee, Kendel, D.
 Sire: Hard Spun Dam: Lunar Colony

Breeder: William Sims
No RansomLBG 4thAbout 6 Furlongs $4,550CLM 3UF&M
3F NYTrainer: Gardipy Ray Jockey: Allen Larris
 BMSire: Eurosilver Owner: Russell Gardipy
 Sire: Regal Ransom Dam: Hide the Silver